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At Option Management Services, Inc., we truly understand the importance of communication and service. Whether you would like to reach out to me with questions, comments, or opportunities to work together, please email me pat@optionmsi.com. Our core business is residential property management and we have many more related programs which are exciting and truly unique in the marketplace…

“M.O.R.E.” options to eliminate vacancy…

We are excited to offer cooperating listing brokers the opportunity to offer their clients the unique ability to get M.O.R.E. out of their home with our Multiple Option Real Estate program. If an owner would like to test the market for rent (through Option MSI) AND test the market for sale (with a cooperating Broker) then this this program might be a perfect fit. When marketing this way, we have successfully been able to achieve long term tenants who end up purchasing the home which is a real win-win scenario for all parties. With this ever-changing market, sometimes testing the market yields immediate success on selling or renting the home quickly. For many owners/investors it’s great to have this option whenever vacancy occurs.

The M.O.R.E. program is accentuated by our Lease with Option to purchase Program where a typical tenant/buyer puts down a sizeable amount of money to secure the option to purchase the home with agreed upon terms.

Here are some answers to common questions I receive from Real Estate Agents and Brokers…

Option Management Services, Inc. does NOT represent buyers or sellers. We are licensed as a Real Estate Broker because of our property management services (as required by Missouri) and utilize our Broker License only for referrals and leasing/property management activities. The only Agency Relationship we sanction is as a “Landlord’s Agent”.

We do offer and reciprocate“Broker to Broker” Referrals for the following activities:

    Tenant placement and/or owners considering our services
    Buyers and sellers

We have built lots of useful content our website. Hopefully it covers much of what you are looking for and hopefully you will find some new ideas or thoughts that you find useful.

Patrick Manza