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Application Process

We are looking forward to being of service to you, so let’s get started with how the rental application works- Here are some of the most common questions new tenants ask:

Is there an application fee? Yes, this covers the cost of credit & criminal reporting, employment verification, rental history, and/or home ownership history. The cost is $40.00 per applicant. Anyone age 18 and over who will be living in your home must fill out an application. If you are married then the cost is $80/couple and you can submit a joint application. If you are roommates and not married then each person 18 and over must file an individual application.

Will I automatically be eliminated if I have negative credit or a criminal history? Not necessarily… The information is gathered and presented to the owner of your new home. The owner(s), may choose to accept your application or present an alternative that may work for everyone. We will consider the nature and time since the offense and weigh the nature of the offense(s) accordingly. Judgements from past landlords for unpaid rent or damages will not be considered unless the balances are paid in full. Falsifying the applications is reason for rejection and/or termination of the lease agreement. More details are provided in the Application Disclosure Addendum and Application Agreement.

How long does it take to Process an Application? It can take as little as 1 business day, but it can be delayed by weekends or holidays. After gathering the information we will present your application to the owner and will let you know as soon as we have a reply. We promise to never keep you waiting longer than absolutely necessary. You can help shorten the timeframe for the process by having a copy of your driver’s license and proof of income readily available. These might include state issued identification cards, payroll checks, Employment Letters, source income/benefit statements, and appropriate personal or business tax copies. Please ensure entries on the application are accurate, oftentimes contacting current and past landlords is difficult if correct information is not provided.

Do you accept Section 8, or Subsidized Programs? It is possible that an owner will accept one of these programs. If they are acceptable, applicant applications are still subject to review, qualification, and acceptance standards. If we have a home for rent/lease that you are interested in as a Section 8 or Program tenant, we will need to gather the application from you in as complete a form as possible to present to the owner, who will then make the final decision.