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Investor Services

Option MSI’s Signature Full Service Property Management (button link) represents our core business and establishes our professional relationships with Clients.The Menu of Services below can be a great resource; some of which are included in our Full Service property management.

Investment Consulting Program (fee or referral based compensation)

If you are looking for assistance as to where the opportunitiesmight be or are looking for a creative approach to improve your present portfolio, we are pleased to assist. We continue to work with many Investors, Realtors and Brokers to analyze income producing properties before they are purchased. We conduct a SWOT analysis to the potential property identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and rely heavily upon our experience in the marketplace in addition to 3rd party expertise and quantitative data to assist in decision making.

College Housing (fee or referral based compensation)

Option Management Services, Inc. has extensive experience in college towns. With the cost of tuition skyrocketing, many investors, parents of students and students have correctly targeted these markets with great success and we are well equipped to handle the uniqueness of room-mates, familial situations and co-signers. The opportunities in real estate are great in these markets.

Rental Analysis ($50-$150)

Option’s experience, the data from our portfolio and various membership databases enable us to give you an accurate assessment as to how much monthly rent a home will generate.This basic assessment is included (free of cost) with our Clients.

Additionally, we do have a more elaborate fee based solution(upon request) that can…

    1) Predict and compare how demographics, economics, schools, crime and other location-based factors affect the income stability of rental property
    2) Set market rents quickly and accurately using rent, vacancy and tenancy duration data including adjusted rental comparable homes from leading real time sources
    3) Create fast, accurate, property specific pro-forma income statements for any U.S. residential property based on address, square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

OPTION’s Lease to Purchase Program (fee or referral based compensation)

Sometimes a situation presents the unique situation whereby a home can’t be immediately sold. This might be due to a property deficiency or a seller/buyer reality; but the parties are would like to proceed until the transaction comes to fruition. Our “Lease to Purchase” program might be the ideal program for you. Generating income until the home is sold may be asolution. We can handle all the leasing and management duties until the sale closes and work hand-in-hand with parties. A 3rd party professional manager is critical to ensuring these transactions come to fruition.

Se HablaEspaňol (fee or referral based compensation)

In many areas throughout the Kansas City, there are investors and tenants who are Hispanic or Latino. These populations and often under-served and the marketplace lacks effective communication in their native language. Option Management Services, Inc. is fortunate to have qualified bilingual capabilities to assist.

Realtor Referral Program (fee or referral based compensation)

If your expertise isn’t in the investment/property management arena and you or your Client would like to pursue a dialogue on our services, we are pleased to assist. We offer financial incentives for property management referrals while enabling Agents and Brokers to maintain their Client relationships. We are more than pleased to reciprocate referrals for properties, owners, and tenants.

MORE (Multiple Options Real Estate)… fee or referral based compensation

This is a truly unique program whereby we enable the ability for a home to marketed for lease through Option Management Services, Inc. and for sale simultaneously with a cooperating listing Broker. Oftentimes, the marketplace gives you an either/or decision as to selling or renting a home but we are able to offer both opportunities to be marketed, which puts the owner in the advantageous position to procure and review all opportunities available. Additionally, the “lease with option” proposition is also fully marketed to all tenants and buyers. If either situation works for your situation then why should you have to choose?

Network of Service Providers (link to the NETWORK)

Leasing Only Service (up to 100% of one month’s rent)

If you want to “self-manage” the property but see the value in employing a professional to market the property, show the home and screen applicants then this might be your best option. We will add the property to our inventory of homes for lease in the same way we successfully rent our managed homes. If we don’t procure a qualified tenant which you accept for the home in 30 days, then you have the option to cancel the listing without cost or penalty. Please review our marketing plan and screening protocols as detailed in the Property Management webpage (Agent Image: insert link).